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Amateur Radio Slow Scan Television
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By N8GCD, Ken Wolfe

Welcome to the addictive mode of Amateur Radio known as "slow scan" television. This branch of the hobby has developed from the old fax pictures we "hams" used to transmit back in the early 70's to the computer / ham transceivers of today. This facet of the hobby is rapidly taking the world of hamming by storm. I will try to show you
how you TOO can get in on the fun!

So take a few minutes if you're interested, and look around
the site. I will also include links to software and helpfull
sites about the subject of SSTV. I have been a ham radio operator for over 20 years, and in the field of electronics
all my life. I will try and use terminology that most can understand, and include examples and explanations along the same lines.


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One of my many general calling cards used in making SSTV contacts.

This is a picture of some of my wifes' Petunias, taken with a digital camera, the overlayed lettering is done with the program used to transmit the picture. It's real easy!

MMSSTV & HAMSOFT LINK (click here)

NEW! Version 1.05 released on 10/01/01

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