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3.913 Gang
Who We Are


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Ever wonder exactly who it is your talking to?

Rules of the road..

Be courteous towards one another, if you must tune up on frequency, do so exactly center slot of us. ID as often as you like as long as it's every ten minutes.

Remember, if you start getting a bit "hot under the collar" as it were, reach for the on-off switch, not a firearm!

We are a bunch of people located mainly in the "Breadbasket"
of the Midwest. Here you'll find all sorts of new friends.

Just about all of us fellas are 30 years old and up. We all
share a common interest of Amatuer Radio, and like to meet
on this frequency at night when the band is good, so come on in and join us! There are no dues or special rites..

Got Beer??
Our very own "St. Pauli Girl" beer taster.....