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Well, Summer is drawing to a close rapidly, and this is one happy camper that it is, I am tired of checking "" to see if we all can communicate well. And on another note, the Rinelander meeting is coming up, as well as your webmaster's move and retitirement relocation. I'm gonna like my new digs in the North Country of Michigan, to be able next year of making a lot of the meets that we all plan. Any body got any firewood cheap for sale??.. 73's from N8GCD Ken, for the time being.


Look, I like to run in a contest ONCE in awhile, but jeez , at least I give other OP's some operating room. This past Wisconsin QSO party was a prime example of how NOT to run your station! I mean c'mon, a half a KC away, and you spuds think you're not gonna bother anyone? Get a grip on the FCC guidelines and rules!!
By the way , I have now been retired for about 5 month's, and am still living out of cardboard boxes, things aren't easy as they tell you about retirement, I'm still battling with SBC and all their crap about retirement, so bear with me while I straighten them A**holes out !!!
Life in the woods here is nice, but it DOES take some getting used to.
I will try and update this page as time will allow, so mean while, accept my apollogies for a sloppy and or late entry to this page. Okay?
Everybody is doing fine and have been (as far as I can tell) good op's...
73's for now de N8GCD.   sk ar

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St pauli's girls cousin.
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