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3.913 Gang

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             THE PLACE TO BE !!

Eh, send beer eh? Forget about help!
Eh Ya gots da Beer eh?

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"C'mon in, let me turn the amplifier on".

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Welcome to 3.913 MHZ on the 75 meter Amateur Radio Band. Take your shoes off and sit a spell, Y'all are welcome here..

Say hello to the folk's that habituate this frequency from time to time!

We are a bunch of Hams, that like to swap stories and just plain like to visit one another. We don't have a net control station, and we don't operate under any strict guide lines. Just pull up a chair, and say "Howdy" when you can, 'cuz we don't talk in any order, we just put it in relax mode here...Oh yeah, one thing though, just remember to ID your station every 10 minutes is all we ask.. Oh Yeah, I almost forgot! We can be found on 3.913.00 mhz , 7 days a week, generally around 8:00 ESDT or if you prefer 00:00 UTC, when the band starts firming up!

Didn't your mother tell you to eat all your Lutkafisk?


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